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About Us :

Kirsten Cruz-McDonnell received her B.S. in Natural Resources and Environment with a concentration in Resource Ecology and Management from the University of Michigan.  Kirsten has over six years of field experience, and has worked at raptor migration research sites in the Grand Canyon Arizona, Veracruz Mexico, Whitefish Point Michigan, Corpus Christi Texas, Goshute Mountains Nevada, and Jordanelle Utah.  Besides migration, she has studied raptors on their wintering grounds in Mexico and Panama, and has conducted nest surveys for Prairie Falcons, Ferruginous Hawks, Swainson’s Hawks, Red-tailed Hawks, Golden Eagles, and Burrowing Owls.  She has also worked with cavity nesting birds, nest searching and monitoring, and on various forest ecology projects. 

These experiences plus her strong environmental ethics and consciousness have lead Kirsten to be involved in formal environmental education programs and community based initiatives in order to provoke a change in attitude towards habitat conservation and the proper use of resources.  Kirsten serves as our chief biologist.

Octavio Cruz was born and lived for most of his life in Veracruz, Mexico. He acquired his conservation conscience by being exposed to illegal trafficking of wildlife during a summer vacation at the age of 13. That same year he started to rehabilitate birds of prey using falconry, and he has practiced this art ever since then.  Octavio (Tavo) is an ornithologist by trade, obtaining his degree in Biology from Universidad Veracruzana, and he has spent time working with many different bird species. He has worked with shorebirds and waterfowl in Alaska, migratory passerines and raptors in the tropics of Mexico and Panama, and nesting and migratory raptors in the southwest United States and Mexico. Octavio has worked developing tourism for conservation, as a high-school professor, as an environmental and hunter educator, and as a field guide and field biologist, always having in mind a high value of environmental protection. 

In 1988, him and a group of four friends from his childhood discovered what would three years later turn into the Veracruz: River of Raptors Project, where he worked for 9 seasons. In 1997 his love for conservation lead him to start the Alvarado Wetlands Conservation Project and afterwards the Veracruz Wetlands Conservation Initiative.  In 2004 he participated in the conservation of Harpy Eagles in Panama by designing an education and outreach program for that country.  In 2005, Octavio migrated to New Mexico following his heart, and found in Envirological Services, Inc. not only the most professional staff, and more importantly, the kindest people, but also the possibility to contribute in the development of an effective strategy for the conservation of Burrowing Owls.

Marianne Wootten received an Associate of Science and a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Human Resource Management from New Mexico State University. and completed a Master's of Business Administration in Accounting at the University of Phoenix. She has experience in accounting for non profit and for profit businesses and  in Human Resource Management. She has extensive experience working with computer programming and is now having fun with Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

She gained a deep appreciation of the environment from her parents and worked with her father propagating native plants for many years. She has a firm knowledge of plant species local to New Mexico. She is on the board of directors for T&E Incorporated, a non-profit foundation dedicated in furthering environmental research by students. Marianne is thrilled to be able to combine all her training and experience to do something that she truly loves.  Marianne serves as our business manager.



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